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FAQs - DISH Website

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Start with DISH Website

Why should I use DISH Website?

DISH Website is a free, B2B-Platform, which efficiently creates websites using a modular system. Made for the gastronomical industry, over 200,000 restaurateurs in over 14 countries are using this software. Our clients include restaurant managers, cafés and bars, as well as food trucks, bakeries catering services and hotels. 

DISH Website simplifies website setup. The free starter pack offers themed services, such as our DISH Reservation tool. With this feature, client reservations can be easily accepted and managed. By linking it to Google Mybusiness, you can additionally increase your visibility on the internet. With the professional package, you gain full access to all functions, like the automatic text generation. Through DISH Website you can design your individual web presence in just a few steps.

What makes DISH Website better than the others?

Our goal is to digitalize the gastronomy world. To do so, our experienced developers consistently work on improving our DISH Website. They are familiar with the needs and wishes of restaurant owners and derive measures to optimize the free B2B platform. Our digital DISH Reservation tool, for example, manages online reservations, is linked to our DISH Website and is also included in our Starter pack. With DISH Website you have the power to create a custom website, independently and easily in a short amount of time. We guarantee you that the online visibility of your company will increase, thus will attract new customers to your restaurant, and in turn, increase your sales. 

Do I have to install DISH Website on my PC to be able to edit my pages?

In short, no, you don't have to. DISH Website is an online application that does not require any software to be installed prior. To adapt your pages in the editing area you will only have to log onto From there, you can easily set up your website.

Do I need special background knowledge to create my website with the DISH Website Construction Kit?

DISH Website can be easily and intuitively navigated, meaning that you do not require any previous knowledge in programming. The construction kit is self-explanatory and has been developed particularly for all kinds of gastronomes. DISH Website and our other tools help you to increase your visibility on the web, attract more guests and increase your profit.

On which browsers can I create my websites using DISH Website?

The editing field in DISH Website is compatible with all common browsers. The selected browser can nevertheless, sometimes influence the way the content is displayed and the speed of the DISH Website application. We recommend therefore using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Both Browsers have for years been among the front runners for speed and compatibility. Mac users can also use Safari from Apple.

When will my website be published?

With the tool you create your page and save all information about your bar, restaurant or diner. By clicking on "save" your website will be published immediately after its creation. If you do not intend to immediately publish your changes, select "cancel publication of my website" under "Internet address" > "Domain Status". Learn more about this in our tutorial. This also applies to all changes that you make in the DISH website construction kit. Your customers see your website and the corresponding improvements in real-time.

What are the advantages of the "keep the generated description up-to-date when restaurant details have been changed" option?

You can find the slider "Keep the generated description up to date when restaurant details are changed" under "Design and content" > "Description". Find out here how to activate the button. By moving the slider, we ensure that your text is automatically updated. 

If you change existing data, such as special offers on your website, these will be instantly updated with the new details. In the absence of new updates from your website, we will automatically update your website text fortnight. This will lead to a significant improvement in your ranking in search engines like Google. The more updated the website is, the higher your Google ranking will be and better rankings, in turn, lead to a higher visibility of your website - which means you will appear on the top of your customers' search results.

What are the advantages of connecting my restaurant to Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool created for businesses to manage their web presence on Google, Google Search and Google Maps in an easy and quick way. Looking for cafés, restaurants and bars on the internet has become part of your customers' everyday life. 90% of your customers will take a look at your restaurants' website prior to their visit. By linking to Google My Business, you gain more visibility on the internet and your customers will find relevant information about you as a company. In this tutorial we show you how to activate Google My Business.

On request, DISH Website creates a profile on Google My Business and a business listing for your company. This is achieved by transferring relevant data, such as your company name and its location. New customers will find you more quickly and attract new guests to your gastronomy.

How does the exchange of data work with DISH Website and Google My Business?

To activate Google My Business, go to "DISH Weblisting", confirm the terms and conditions and click on "Switch to DISH Weblisting". DISH website will forward the data you selected from your website to Google. If you make changes to the data, they will be also automatically updated in Google. From May 25th 2018, the implementation of the data protection basic regulation (GDPR) is obligatory within the EU. Therefore we only collect data from you that is really necessary. We forward the following information to Google My Business:

  • Name of the company
  • Address
  • Contact information (email and phone number)
  • Opening hours
  • Payment methods
  • Information regarding facilities and services
  • Link to your menu
  • Link to your online reservation service
  • Imprint
  • Pictures

Admin panel

How can I edit my DISH Website?

To edit your DISH website, you need to first log in with your credentials. Then you will have access to the backend and can start editing your website. Do you want to create a new content block? Simply go to "Design and content" > "Contents". There you can also edit your existing content. By clicking on "save" your website or your changes will be published and will be immediately visible after publication. Log out of the website after use to prevent unauthorised access. You can find this function on the upper right hand side of the page. DISH Website is intuitive to use and your website is created in only a few steps.

How do I structure the content of the DISH Website?

Edit your content under "Content". DISH website already provides you with the basic framework and page structure. The headline structure within your content blocks is already predefined for SEO reasons, so you can start right away.

If you would like to make changes to the content, go to "Design and Content" > "Contents" in the editing area. There you can edit and rearrange the content blocks of your page. To move the content blocks, you must select a general topic first. DISH website provides the following themes: "About us", "Vouchers" and "Events". If you click on the desired section, you will see the content blocks below. You can now rearrange and restructure them through drag and drop or by using the arrow keys. With the button "Add new content block" you can expand your content. If you want to delete existing content blocks, use the trashcan icon.

I want to create a multilingual website. Is it possible with DISH Website?

The DISH Website offers the possibility of a multilingual website with a Professional subscription. The tool ensures that the website is automatically translated in the customer's chosen web browsing language. The following languages can currently be translated: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, English, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Croatian, Dutch, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, Slovak and Romanian. This allows international customers to read and understand the content of your website. Please note that Japanese and Chinese are not available in the tool DISH Website to add content.

How can I customize the design and the content of my website?

If you want to adapt the content of your website, you must first log into the general editing area. To do this, go to and enter your access data. If you don’t have a DISH Website account yet, you can register now, at

On the left of the editing area page, you will find the menu item “Design and Content”. With a click on this item, you can get further adjustment options. You can design your website, upload images, change the website description or manage the page content. Every change is implemented immediately and put live on your website. You can also fix errors immediately. However, advanced adjustments in HTML or CSS are not possible.

How can I use and incorporate images on my website?

With welcoming photos of your restaurant you can greatly enrich your presence on the Internet. Therefore, DISH website offers you the possibility to insert pictures at different places on your site. To customise your cover picture or logo, go to "Design and content" > "Design". 

If you want to integrate photos into your website content, use the button "Design and Content" > "Gallery Media". There you can upload your own pictures (.jpg, .jpeg and .png files are supported) directly from your computer. Make sure that your pictures are between 600x600 and 6000x6000 pixels. If your pictures are not within the frame, our software will adjust them automatically. You can also use the image database we have set up for you.

You don’t  have professional photos of your restaurant yet? With our service DISH Photoshoot (only available in Germany) you have experienced photographers at your disposal who will put your restaurant or business in the best light.

Do you want to win over your guests? With the help of a media gallery, you can make a lasting impression by uploading multiple images and videos to your website. Think about what defines your restaurant or business, and put pictures of your dishes, employees or restaurant online. This also gives you the opportunity to advertise upcoming events and make your restaurant better known. You can find the function under “Design and Content” > “Gallery Media”.

Note: To embed videos in your media gallery, you must first upload them to a video hosting platform such as Youtube or Vimeo. In our FAQs we explain how this works, and you can then embed your videos.

What size and format is best for my images?

When embedding images on websites, certain guidelines must be withheld. If the images are too large, the page will take longer to load. If the selected images do not have the optimal aspect ratios, they may be displayed incorrectly. 

The file size of your pictures should therefore be between 10KB and a maximum of 10MB. On the DISH Website, your photos must have a minimum size of 600x600 pixels and a maximum size of 6000x6000 pixels. Pictures that are too big or too small will automatically be adjusted by our software. 

For the best results, consider the format of your images. The best ratio is 2:1, or 1.5:1. Please be aware that DISH Website will crop out a randomly selected rectangle with a suitable ratio if the specified image format is not available. With free image editing programs, you can crop the image yourself.

Crop the images to 1200x800 pixels so that they fit perfectly on the website.

To embed videos in your media gallery, you first have to upload them to a conventional media hosting platform such as Youtube or Vimeo. There, you can generate a link that you can then insert into the editing area of your website. The input field for the video link can be found under “Design and Content” > “Gallery Media” > “Video-Upload”. Once you enter the link and a fitting file description, the video will be uploaded to your media gallery.

Step -by-step, how to upload your video to Youtube.

  1. Go to YouTube.
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Upload your video from your desktop to YouTube (you can publish it as either public or private).
  4. Create a link by clicking “share” on the video.
  5. You can now paste the link copied to the clipboard under “Video-Upload” in DISH Website.

For Any further questions related to video Uploads to YouTube, follow this link.

Video upload to Vimeo - this is how it works:

  1. Visit Vimeo.
  2. Log in with your Vimeo account or register.
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions to upload your video and copy the video URL from your browser bar.
  4. Copy the link into the appropriate input field in the editing area and the video will be uploaded to your media gallery.

For Any further questions related to video Uploads to Vimeo, follow this link.

Where can I edit my personal information?

To edit your personal details, you have to log into via “Register” first. You can change your personal data in the “Profile” > “Your data” tab or under “Profile” > “Profile”. Alternatively, it can also be viewed in the settings under “Restaurant Details”. In addition to editing your access data, you can add links to your social media pages. We undoubtedly conform to the protection of personal data and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Backing up your personal data is important to us and we aim to protect your information from unauthorised access.

How does automatic text generation with the "Text Generator" work?

Under "Content and Design" > "Description" you will find the "Text Generator". The individual description of your website is created by DISH Website using artificial intelligence. A unique text is created - each text is different to the others. This advanced software uses data, modules and metrics that have already been entered, such as the nature of the company, the services or the payment methods. This tutorial demonstrates how to enter company data into the DISH Website. You can get a preview of the text that has been created. The "text generator" is an optional function which saves you time and does not require to be creative. You can of course still revise the created text thereafter.

What are the advantages of the "Text Generator" tool?

The search engine optimised "Text Generator" reduces the workload for  you and your employees when working on the description of your website. It saves you time and avoids the need for being creative yourself. The automatic text generation service creates unique and personalised texts with the help of artificial intelligence. This tool offers you the following advantages:

  • Personalised and unique texts
  • Large selection of texts 
  • Professional and grammatically correct
  • State-of-the-art AI technology with a lifelike native language
  • Text creation in seconds
  • Search engine optimised (SEO)
  • Automatic update when new data is added
  • No agency or copywriter required

How can I make the most of the automatic text generation service?

For optimal use of the 'Text Generator' tool, make sure to carefully enter all necessary information on the DISH website about your snack bar or restaurant. The following data attributes can be entered under 'Settings':

Simply click on the links and find out more about how to enter the content correctly. To keep your text up to date, activate "Keep the generated description up to date when restaurant details are changed". This function ensures that your adjustments are automatically implemented and up-to-date.

Does the "Text Generator" display identical content?

The "Text generator" never displays two or more identical texts, so you do not need to worry about duplicated content. There are two ways to guarantee this: 

Option one, the "Text Generator" creates several different versions of a sentence with different structures. To do this, click several times on the "Generate" button. 

Option two, each automatically generated text is combined with the existing data of your business. This includes the company name, the type of food and the range of dishes. This procedure enables the algorithms to generate individual texts for our customers.

Can I manually edit the automatically generated text?

Automatic text generation is a fast and reliable way to create the description of your website. The "Text Generator" is an optional feature, allowing you to also write the content of your text manually. Our algorithms generate search engine optimised texts. You can adjust the automatically generated text by either clicking on the "Generate" button again or by selecting "Manual". With the manual option, you can write the text according to your liking. Please make sure to follow SEO guidelines, to make your website rank well in search engines.

How can I add missing information to my automatically generated text?

Our automatic text generation service works with artificial intelligence. The "Text Generator" gathers its information from the data and modules you have entered to your account. In case important information is missing, we recommend asking you to check the data you provided in your account, for example under "Settings", and add infos if necessary. The "Text Generator" is an optional function and generates search engine optimised content for you. You can also edit the automatically generated text manually if you are not satisfied with it.

How can I integrate all my social media channels on my website?

If you want to promote your social media activities, you can integrate the different platforms on your website. With DISH Website we offer the integration of Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Twitter and Yelp. In the editing section under "Restaurant details" you are able to link your profiles. To view your changes, click on "Visit website" in the upper right corner and the links of your social media channels can be found on the top right of your website.


What is a domain?

A domain is the unique name of a website. A complete domain consists of a third level domain or subdomain, second level domain and top level domain (TLD).

Third level domain or subdomain:

The so-called 'subdomain' refers to the first part of a domain, which is in between the name itself and the dot, (for instance "www."). The subdomain can also be used to open separate applications.

Second level domain:

The second level domain is located after the third level domain, on the right side of the dot. It usually contains the name of a company. 


A gTLD (generic top-level domain) is a transnational ending. The gTLD ".com" is the most widespread internationally. 

new gTLDs:

The term "new top-level domain" covers all generic domains that have been introduced step by step since March 2013, for example ".blog". 


Country code top level domains (ccTLDs) refer to a specific country or region (e.g. ".de" to Germany or ".eu" to the European Union) and are therefore also called country-code top level domains.


The "Domain Name System" (DNS) supports direct data traffic on the Internet and connects the domain name with web servers. It translates the user-friendly domain, like, into a computer-friendly IP address. 

CNAME record:

A CNAME Resource Record (CNAME RR) is an entry in the "Domain Name System" (DNS). It assigns another domain name to a domain. The abbreviation "CNAME" stands for "canonical name" ("canonical" refers to the original or real name).

What is a hostname?

A host name is the unique name of a computer on the network. It is used especially for the secure transmission of data. 

Fully Qualified Hostname:

A Fully-Qualified Host Name (FQHN) is a host name that is displayed as a fully qualified name of a domain (Fully-Qualified Domain Name, FQDN).

A-Entry (host entry):

A-records refer to an IP address. They assign a web server to a domain, allowing the domain to be accessed in your browser.

Do I need my own domain to create the website? Can I change my domain afterwards?

A domain is a unique name for a website. For this reason, you need your own domain. The domain is free for you and we are your domain provider. If you want to keep using an existing domain, the registration with your current domain provider will be kept and the domain will link to the DISH website.

During the configuration process of your website we assign you the domain and make sure that it matches your company name. You may edit the domain afterwards to get your preferred one. To do so, go to the editing section under "Internet address". Learn more about this in our tutorial.

The domain name I want is already taken. What possibilities do I have?

An important point when creating your website is the name of the domain, as it is how your customers will find you on the internet. Your domain should always have your company's name in it. What happens if your desired domain is not available anymore? In that case, we recommend trying a different way of spelling it. One method is to separate your company name with a hyphen, for instance '' instead of ''. 

Please note: our subdomain is "eatbu" and is always included in your URL to enable us to provide you with DISH website free of charge under our main domain. If you already own a domain and want to keep it, you can transfer your new website to your domain provider.

Why does the domain contain "eatbu"?

A domain contains the third level domain - also called subdomain. Among others, it can be used to invoke separate applications. The suffix "eatbu" is a subdomain. We can only provide your domain for free if it runs under our main domain.

May I use my existing domain for DISH Website?

If you already have your own domain, you can keep it and continue using it. The registration with your current domain provider will be retained and will refer to DISH website. You have to, however, change the CNAME registration of your domain to " (the dot at the end is essential!). After signing up on, select "Internet address" > "External domain" and enter your domain. We will check for you if it can be used. In the next step we will inform you if there are any changes needed with your domain provider and we will explain how to undertake them.

Cancellation / Password for DISH Website

I forgot my password, or want to change it. How does it work?

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Password” when you log in. Then you have to enter your email address. In the next step, we will reset your password, and you can assign yourself a new, secure password. Your account is then restored and you can log in with your new password. 

If you would like to change your current password, first log into DISH Website and navigate to “Profile” > “Change password”. We advise you to choose a secure password so that your content is protected from unauthorised access. A secure password consists of a combination of at least twelve characters: a mixture of small and capital letters, numbers and special characters. Watch this tutorial to find out how you can change your password.

Will my personal data be deleted when I delete my account?

If a user decides to delete their account with and hence their website, individual pages and all data, including personal data, will be permanently deleted. Please note that your account can no longer be restored. We therefore advise you to be 100% certain before deleting your account. 

Alternatively, you can temporarily suspend the publication of your website on the internet any time by clicking "Cancel publication of my website" in the tool under "Internet address" > "Domain Status". Learn here how to temporarily disable your website. In case you accidentally deleted your website, we kindly ask you to be aware that your site cannot be restored.

Can I delete my website?

On you have the option to delete your account under “Account” or “My Business”. By doing so you delete your website and data irrevocably. Please note that your account cannot be restored after deletion. 

We therefore advise you to be 100% certain, before you delete your account. Alternatively, you can hide your website online at any time by clicking on the “Unpublish My Website” slider on DISH Website under “Internet Address”. To  know how to do this, follow this tutorial. We ask for your understanding that your website cannot be restored after being deleted.

Whom does the website legally belong to once it has been set up?

DISH website provides the framework for the website creation, however the rights for using your website belong to you. Please note, that relocating your website to another hosting provider is not possible. We would also like to point out that you cannot carry on using your domain name afterwards, unless it has already been registered with another domain provider. If you do not wish to operate your website any longer, you can delete it at any time on under "Account & Settings" or "My Business". Your website and all data will be irreversibly deleted, so make sure you take this decision carefully: it is not possible to restore your website.

Who is responsible for my website?

Under the German Telemedia Act (TMG) you are liable for your website, thus you are responsible for the correctness of your content. Make sure you own the rights to images, do not plagiarise and adhere to the legal requirements, such as the GDPR. Any infringement may result in legal prosecution.

Why do I have to provide an imprint on my website?

According to the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and the German Interstate Broadcasting Treaty (RStV), you are legally required to display an imprint or a so-called 'provider identification mark'. The imprint contains information regarding the website operator, which is particularly important for legal matters. According to the German law, the following points are crucial in your imprint:

  • The website operator or the company
  • The address of your company
  • The contact details of your company (email and phone number)
  • The register and the registration number of your company
  • The sales tax identification number
  • The indication of the chamber or professional association 

For the creation of the imprint we will provide you a template. Have a look at our tutorial and learn how to create an imprint on the DISH website. You can find this in the construction kit under "Legal" > "Imprint of the website". If you do not have an imprint, you should be aware that there is a high risk of receiving warnings, resulting in high costs.

Can I define my own privacy policy on the DISH website?

In addition to the imprint, you are obliged to provide a data protection declaration in accordance with the basic data protection regulation (GDPR). The data protection declaration provides information on the responsible use of personal data. As the owner of the website you are liable for the correctness of the data protection declaration. We provide you a standardised data protection declaration under "Legal". As an alternative, you can write your own declaration. Make sure that you provide information about collection, use and processing of personal data. This includes browser data, cookies, IP addresses or social media plugins.


DISH Website - Is DISH Website free?

DISH Website is a free software that we provide along with other free tools, in our Starter package. In the Package you will find the tools DISH Reservation and DISH Weblisting. If you want to optimize your site with some additional tools and functions, you can subscribe to our Professional package for a fixed monthly rate. With this package, you can create a multilingual website or have texts generated automatically, for example. Our subscriptions can be cancelled monthly and include free support services.

Is DISH Website optimised for mobile devices?

Did you know that 90 percent of restaurant visitors look up a restaurant on the internet before visiting it? In the digital age, a website must be mobile friendly, thus optimised for mobile devices. In the modern world, smartphones and tablets have become our constant companions. Therefore, it is part of your customers' everyday life to search for restaurants, cafés and bars on the internet. Increase the visibility of your company and acquire new customers, with DISH website. By the way: you can also edit your DISH website on your phone. Take a look at our tutorial to find out.

Can I edit my website on my smartphone and/or tablet?

Do you want to remotely edit your website? No problem. With DISH Website you can easily edit your site from your smartphone, tablet, and computer. All you require is wifi or mobile data. The mobile editing version of your website works without restrictions. Take a look at this tutorial, to learn how to edit your website.

What options does DISH Website offer me to be found more easily on the web and to improve my Google ranking?

Create your website with our platform. DISH Website creates search engine friendly conditions so that you can be found on the net. For example, we offer responsive web design, high server speed and a fixed headline structure. The CEO functions improve your ranking. In our free construction kit, you can also add links to Google My Business and your social media channels to increase your visibility on the web.

Also, get to know our automatic text generation for your website description for individual content. This is the easiest way to write the description of your website without asking your own creativity. Our artificial intelligence (AI) generates the text based on the information you provide to us. This will also improve your Google Page Rank at the same time.

Is it possible to stop the data transfer between DISH Website and Google My Business?

The data protection regulation (GDPR), in force since May 2018, regulates the termination of data transmission. You can disable the link to a particular provider, in this case Google, at any time. The length of time until a service provider deletes your data may vary. Google has set a time limit of a maximum of 180 days until the data is irrevocably deleted.

Help! How do I contact the support service?

You can reach us at in various ways. In our FAQs we have listed and answered frequently asked questions of our customers. We hope that you can find a suitable answer to your question there. Was your question not included? You can certainly contact us by phone or email and our staff will be happy to help you. Call us on +49 (0) 211 969 9816 or send us an email to We will do our best to answer your question as quickly as possible - regardless of how you contact us. 

Our support team is committed to answering your question in the most efficient way. We would therefore like to kindly ask you to describe your request / question in as much detail as possible.

The following information can be helpful for us: 

  • Your user data
  • The URL in which where the problem is occuring 
  • A detailed description of the procedure and the expected result of it
  • A screenshot of the problem




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Where to find the Google Analytics code?

Please click on to register and copy your code to see all your personal analytics.

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