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After reading this, you can create an account, log in, invite employees and start working with the fiskaltrust.Portal.

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You create an account for your company and a user for yourself on the fiskaltrust.Portal. With this, you can log in. For security reasons, you can create another user for yourself, as well as additional users for employees of your company.Then, you define with different authorizations the options that the users have in the fiskaltrust.Portal.

Country-specific information

You can reach the registration or login via a link on the fiskaltrust website or by directly going to the URL:

By clicking Register, you start registering a company and an associated user in four steps. This process is independent of the company's future role (PosCreator, PosDealer, Consultant or PosOperator) in the fiskaltrust.Portal.


Whenever you enter your username and password for the fiskaltrust.Portal, make sure the URL is one of the above and look for the "lock" symbol in the browser. A secure site always has a closed padlock in the URL bar. That way, you can ensure you enter the data on the correct website and avoid becoming a website- or login-spoofing victim.

Work steps for registration


First, you have to confirm the captcha by checking the checkbox. Sometimes reCAPTCHA will open a new popup where you have to solve a task (e.g., select all images with traffic lights) before reCAPTCHA finishes the verification.

Company Data

You can now go directly to the company data by clicking on Enter company data manually or optionally enter one of the different commercial numbers and let the system prefill the company data.

You must enter correct data in all fields marked with a red star.

Step by Step descridescription

  1. You must correctly enter the company's name. Later, you will verify the company's name against any entered commercial number. The company's name has to be the same as used in the commercial registers. The company's name may not already be in use for registration.
  2. You must enter a valid E-Mail address in this field. You can only use this E-Mail address once for a company in the fiskaltrust.Portal. If your E-mail server supports the use of "+" in your E-Mail address (meaning username+tag@domain delivers username@domain), you can use such E-Mail addresses, especially for testing purposes, and the portal will treat each of them as a unique E-Mail address.
  3. You must add the address, zip code, and the name of the city of the company headquarters.
  4. You can already enter some or all commercial numbers for the company. So the registration process and usage of the portal are facilitated.
  5. By clicking on Next you proceed to the 3rd step User data of the registration process.

If you or somebody else already used the data entered in Company name and/or E-Mail address for registration, registration would jump to the last step. An informational page would be displayed. This page contains the information of the registered company. Click on the link with the Primary Contact's name to open your E-Mail application and ask this person to invite you into the company as a new user.

User data

The 3rd step of the registration process queries the personal data of the Primary Contact. You must enter correct data in all fields marked with a red star. The Primary Contact is the key user used in the fiskaltrust.Portal. This key user is the designated administrator of the newly registered company. You must enter a valid E-Mail address because this will serve for all messages from the fiskaltrust.Portal. In addition, with his authorization, this user can invite other company employees.


If the E-Mail address entered in E-Mail is already in use in the fiskaltrust.Portal, you will see a warning message. This message will show that a user with this E-Mailadress already exists. By clicking the link in this information, you can initiate the password reset for this user.

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