Selecting fixed-price menus for an order - DISH POS Lite


A fixed-price menu consists of several courses, where a customer has to make a choice per course.

In DISH POS-Lite it is possible to create a fixed-price menu.

When you click on the item "3-course fixed-price menu" a pop-up appears which shows the corresponding dishes. You select a dish by clicking the 'circle' behind it. The 'speech icon' allows you to enter a comment. At the 'booklet icon' you find the common additions that you have predefined in the back office. Clicking "next" you go through all the choices in the menu.

The customer may not yet know what the dessert choice is. By clicking "ok" in the pop-up, you will see an incomplete menu on the receipt, as the dessert has not yet been chosen. By clicking on the menu in the order and then "edit" you can change the menu. For example, add a dessert or choose another dish from the drop-down menu.

If the customer does not want a dessert, click on the menu and then "Split". This will calculate the starter and main course at the standard price instead of the price for the 3-course menu.

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