How can I adjust the appearance of the self-service shop? (QR code ordering)

Note: The Self-service status will only be visible if you have purchased this product

In this article we are going to show you how to adjust the appearance of the self-service shop (QR code ordering).

🕹️ Interactive tutorial


You can change the appearance of the QR order site to match your branding style. In the main menu of the DISH POS Backoffice, under Self-service, click the category Sales channels. Then click the pencil icon next to the store and select the Appearance tab in the menu that appears.


Under the category Colors you can choose a primary and secondary colour from the colour palette. If you are familiar with the Hex code of your corporate identity colours, you can enter it here. If you want to select a colour manually you can click on the coloured ball behind the Hex code.

Standard product overview

Under the category Standard product overviewy ou can switch between a grid view or list view. The choice you make here will determine which layout the guest will see by default. On the QR order site, however, the guest can switch between the two views themselves. The grid view shows products in tile form, next to and below each other. The List view shows a list of the products below each other.


The logo category allows you to add your own logo to the QR order site. You can add a logo by dragging the image into the logo box or by clicking browse.


In the category images it is possible to customise images on some screens. The welcome image is displayed on the home screen of the QR order site. The images Success image and Error image are displayed after the (attempted) payment.

  • If no images are selected the standard images of the DISH POS QR site are displayed
  • As shown, there are certain restrictions in relation to the size or file type
  • Adding a product is done by dragging the image into the correct box or by clicking browse

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