Creating composites out of multiple articles

In this article we are going to show you how to create composites out of multiple articles

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Creating composed products

Using product composites you can link multiple products to one main product. This can be used for arrangements or package deals. Composed items can have multiple VAT rates and turnover groups. An example of this is a children's party consisting of an hour of bowling which is in the bowling turnover group and afterwards a bowl of fries which is in the snacks turnover group.

Below is an example of a children's party costing a total of €12.50, which includes one hour of bowling at €10.00 and a bowl of fries at €2.50.

  1. Step 1: In the upper right hand corner, create a product 'Bowling' via "Add product". Link it to the correct product group, in this case 'Bowling'. Fill in the price; €10.00 for a single hour of bowling. For the package, it is important that the option price is filled in (€10.00). Fill in the correct VAT rate
  2. Step 2: Under the Product group 'Kitchen > Snacks' created a product 'bowl of french fries'. Give it an option price, which for these fries is €2.50. If these items are also sold separately, fill in the normal price at "Price" as well. If it is not sold separately, fill in 0 here. Check the correct VAT rate
  3. Step 3: Create the package. In this case "Children's party 1 hour of bowling" in the Product group 'Arrangements' or 'Package deals'. You can leave the price at €0. At the bottom you must then add the components, which will determine that the total price will be €12.50. In 'Composites' click on "Add item" and search for the two components that need to be added. If you type part of the product name, the product will appear. In this case, 'Bowling' and 'bowl of French fries'. You will see the total price now comes to €12.50.
    If you do not want the components of the composed product to be displayed separately on the customer account, enable "Hide on receipt" behind those components.

Above the products you will find a check mark “Prepare composite products separately". If you check this box, the components will be printed or displayed at their own production station. Click on "Save". The arrangement has now been created and if you look up the article 'children's party' in the article list, you will see by the symbol in front of the price that it is a compound article.

How to link this item to one or more menus is explained in the menu management tutorial.

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