How to adjust and personalise my webshop?

In this article, we are going to show to adjust and personalize your webshop.

After a webshop has been set up by a consultant, you can personalize most of the settings. This tutorial explains how to do this in via the back office.

🕹️ Interactive tutorial


  1. Open your DISH POS back-office and click on Sales Channel in the section Self-service.
  2. Click on the edit button next to your webshop's name.
  3. In the General section you can edit the name of the webshop, choose the facility, change default language, and allow order comments from customer's.
  4. In the Content section, you can edit the welcome text and general information.
  5. In the Appearance section you can choose the main colors of your webshop, the layout of the products -default product overview - and the style they're presented, logo and specific images such as error image and menu header.
  6. In the Legal information section, you can add terms and conditions for your webshop and privacy statement.
  7. In company information you can edit the company name of the establishment, the address and contact information.
  8. In Pick-up time slots, you can choose what days and hours your webshop is available, via standard hours.
You can create a specific menu for your webshop. The tutorial Menu planner (from step 14) shows how to do this and how to connect the menu to a sales channel such as your webshop.

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Preview of the webshop online

Seeing the result of the webshop online is possible via the URL - Link shown behind the webshop in the Sales Channel list.

  1. Go to Self-service > Sales channels
  2. In the column URL, click on the URL-Link behind the Sales channel Webshop.
  • The below video shows an example of how a webshop looks.

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