Packaging profiles (Recycle deposits)

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Permissions and configuration: To be able to use container-deposits, you must first set the correct permissions before you can configure the DISH POS Backoffice. On this page you will find both Tutorials.


To use the deposit functionality in DISH POS you must first set the correct permissions. In the main menu, click "general' > "user groups" and select the user group that you want to edit the 'deposit module' for by clicking the "pencil icon".

Expand the heading 'General' so that the different permissions become visible. Select the box next to the 'Recycling deposits'. This means that the selected user group is allowed to read and edit the deposits module.

When you log back into the DISH POS Backoffice, under the heading 'General' the option 'Packaging profiles' appears.

🎓 Step-by-Step Instructions

Setup packaging profiles

To work with recycle deposits, you need to create deposit profiles in the DISH POS Backoffice, which you assign to articles or article groups.

Click "General" and "package profiles" (bottom). Next, click "add profile" (top right of the screen). Give the profile a 'name' and then you enter the 'price' of the deposit e.g., €0.15.

Give the profile a 'sales name'. This name will also appear in the DISH POS app and on the customer's receipt. Click "Save". You can add multiple profiles for items with a different deposit amount.

Assign deposit to product group

You need to assign the profiles to products or product groups. Click "Articles" > "Product groups". Unfold the main category and click the "pencil icon" next to the product group to edit this group. Under the heading 'package profile', click the drop down menu and select the appropriate profile. Click "Save". The deposit profile entered now applies to the entire article group.

Assigning deposit to a Product

To manually add a deposit to a separate product, go to "Products" and search for the article by using the search function. Click the "pencil icon" and select the correct deposit profile under the heading 'Package profile'. Click "Save".

🎓 Step-by-Step Instructions

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