How to cancel orders and enter a reason for it? (Germany only 🇩🇪)

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to cancel orders and enter a reason for it.

In Germany, it is mandatory to enter a reason for every:

  1. cancellation of confirmed article (meaning the article has been sent to a production station).
  2. cancellation of several confirmed articles.
  3. cancellation of single articles or an entire order, that have been booked (paid).
    In which case, the closed bill (paid) needs to be reactivated first, so you can make a cancellation,
  4. reactivation of an order/table, i. e. as mentioned in point 3.
This functionality is only available in Germany.

🕹️ Interactive tutorial

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The reason of cancellation is not displayed on any reports at the moment, and you can only cancel an order of the same day.
  1. If the bill has been printed, the order is closed, and you need to reactivate it.
    But if it is still open, skip this step list.
    1. Click on the Menu icon.
    2. Scroll down and click on Reprint/Reopen order.
    3. Select the order that you want to cancel.
    4. Click on Reopen order.
    5. Select your reason for reactivating this order.

The order will now be reopened. Now you can alter the order as if it was never closed, cancel or add articles and/or change the payment method.

  1. In this second step list, we will show you how to delete one or more articles.
    1. Open the table.
    2. Tip and hold your finger on the first article you wish to cancel, until it is marked.
    3. Repeat this step until you have marked all articles that are to be cancelled.
    4. Click now on Delete.
    5. Select your reason for cancelling the article/s.

If you deleted all the articles, the table will be free and ready for the next customers.

If, however, you have left some articles, the table is open and everything you book on it, will include whatever you have had left on it.

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