Managing courses

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Adding and editing a course

In DISH POS you can create different courses and these determine the order of products at the production station.

Adding a course

To add a course, go to "General" > "Courses" > "+ Add course" in the top right corner.

  1. Name: fill in the name of the course
  2. Sort order: each course has a numerical order. A course with the number 10 will be printed before a course with the number 11
  3. Show in App: if the app is disabled it will not be possible to change courses. For example, drinks can be sorted but not changed in terms of courses
  4. Print different text on production ticket: enable this function if you want a different text on the production ticket than specified as name
  5. Production ticket text: You can specify a different text for the production ticket. This also allows you, for example, to use *** (characters such as asterisks) as a separation between the courses

Modify a course

To modify a course, click the "pencil icon" next to the course. This will bring you to the screen to modify the course.

Deleting a course

To delete a course, click the "trash can icon" next to the course. Confirm the deletion by clicking "Ok". Please note: deleted courses cannot be restored. You will have to create them again and link to the product group or products.

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