How do I add or manage areas and facilities? (e.g. tables)

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to add and manage areas and facilities (e.g. tables)

🕹️ Interactive tutorial

Steps for managing facilities / sales points, areas and tables

Facilities On this page you will find the areas and tables for your business. When you click on the name of the business you will see them appear.

To create a new area, click the blue button + generate area (top right corner). Here you can give the area a name. In the right menu you can choose under which 'parent area' the new area must fall. At price level you give the correct price level to this area. Next is the table name. Enter the lowest and highest table number. You can also enter the number of seats per table. If you enter a number here, this will apply to all tables in this area; this can be changed later for each table.

At settings - the gear icon - you can appoint a menu to the corresponding area. For example, the terrace may have a different area menu to inside the restaurant.

Click on the name of your business and you will see the newly created area at the bottom.

Adding a table

To create a standalone table click +add facility. Give the table a name and then choose the 'Parent' area. Enabling direct sale means you can't put orders on a table, but customers have to checkout everything immediately. Choose the table number and possibly a separate account printer that applies to this area. On the right side, under 'settings', you can change the settings for the created table. 'Inherit settings' ensures all settings are the same across all areas.

Via Visible in app, you can decide whether an area is visible or not in the cash register. This is ideal if you have terrace tables in the summer, but not in the winter. Order text popup means that a pop-up appears when you open this table. Use take away number means that a take away number is printed on the receipt. Log off after ticket, means someone is automatically logged out of the cash register after placing an order. Print receipt means that a receipt is always printed when people pay.

At price level you can give a price level to this table. At seats you can assign or change the number of seats. On the left side is the gear icon with menu behind it, here you can link the correct menu to the facility / sales point. If you don't enter anything here, the menu of the parent area will be used. Click save (bottom right).

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