How can I set up multiple languages for facilities?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to set up multiple languages for facilities.

🕹️ Interactive tutorial


In the main menu of the DISH POS Backoffice, in the section Self-service, click on the category Sales channels. Then click the pencil icon next to the store. In the General tab you will now see Language settings.

Via the language settings it is possible to adjust dynamic texts in the QR order site. These dynamic texts are for example the texts about product information. Static texts are for example texts on buttons - these are not adaptable.

In the dropdown menu next to the word Language, you can select which languages are available for your guest to choose from.

Attention: Languages selected here are also immediately visible to the guest. You should therefore ensure that the translations are correct and complete.

At the option Default language you select what language the QR order site will automatically display when the guest has scanned the QR code. Next, click Save.

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