How to add and manage price sets?

In this article we show you, how to add and manage price sets.

Via Price management, you can indicate specific periods for which different prices apply. This can be set per area, (group of) persons or duration. A good example is a happy hour for draft beer, which takes place every Friday at 4-6 PM in the bar of a certain establishment.

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At the moment it is necessary when a time period is linked to the price rule that the program must be sent daily.

Step by step list

  1. Go to Articles
  2. Click Price management
  3. Click Add Set to create a pricing rule set
  4. For name, enter the name of the pricing rule set
  5. Click Save
  • Via location you can indicate where the price rule set should be active, if you don't make a choice it will be everywhere. Ex. You can choose a location, but also an area, so a price rule can only be active on the terrace.
  • You can link a price set to a customer, when the customer is selected in the checkout the price set is activated, click on the none field to get a drop-down with all customers/debtors.
  • You can link a price set to a period, you can configure these periods via time periods. Click none to select the period

For adjusting the pricing rules for this set.
  1. Click All to select a product group whose prices you want to adjust via the price rules. Ex. We choose drinks and then beers in this example.
  2. Enter the price of the item at new price.
  3. At option price, enter the option price of the item, if applicable.
  4. If the VAT needs to be changed via the price rule set, then change the VAT with new VAT.
  5. Click Update Set to save the changes to the set.
  6. Click Review price rules to review the pricing rules you have set

Reviewing price rules

Use Filter to search for attributes to review.

  1. Click Search query and Type to Search to search for an article.
  2. Click on Price rule set to filter on a specific price rule.
  3. Click Period to search for a specific period and the pricing rules that match it.
  4. Click Product (-group) to search for a specific article group
  5. Click Customer to display the pricing rules associated with the selected customer
  6. Click Location to display the pricing rules that are active in a specific location.
  7. Click on Apply filters to search according to the set filters.

It is possible to base a pricing rule set on an existing set.
  1. Click Pricing rule configuration
  2. Click the copy icon to copy the pricing rule set.
  3. Click the pencil icon to rename the pricing rule set.
  4. Use the down-facing arrow to confirm the new name.
  5. Click the trash can icon to delete the pricing rule set
  6. Click Delete to delete the pricing rule set or Close to cancel.

To finish, the changes must be sent.
  1. Go to General
  2. Click General
  3. Click Normalize Price Rules to process the active pricing rules.
  4. Click Transmit to send the changes to your location.

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