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Will there be ‘owner’ and ‘employee’ accounts?

Yes. You can invite employees to work with you and they can then create their own account.

Will tools be automatically activated?

No. You have to activate and set up them separately.

Can there be establishments without subscription plans (empty establishment)

Yes, this is possible.

Can the price of the monthly fee be reduced?

No, this won't be possible.

What payment methods are available for purchasing DISH products?

Currently we accept payment by credit card and debit charge. Customers in Germany can also make payment via PayPal.

How is the payment of DISH products handled? 

All payments are debited by credit card, debit charge (or PayPal in Germany only). Setup fees are taken on the date of purchase. The first recurring fee will be taken on the 1st of the next month, e.g., If you ordered and paid for your first subscription on 10.06, the first recurring fee will be debited on 01.07.

Can individual tools be deleted from an establishment?

No, but unpublished/disabled.

Do customers have to pay the one-time activation fee and the monthly fee for each establishment they are creating?

Yes, in most cases. There can be differences depending on where you are located.

Can different countries have different pricing?

Yes, this definitely will be the case. Our headquarters in the respective countries have different approaches on how to market DISH and we don't want to narrow them in what they believe is the right way to approach their customers in their country.

Can every country decide what is contained in a package?

No. This won't be possible.

If customers upgrade or downgrade their plan, do they have to pay the one-time activation fee again?

No, this won't be the case.

Does every new customer have to pay the one-time activation fee?

Yes, in most cases. There can be differences depending on where you are located.

Do existing customers have to pay a one-time activation fee?

No. Existing customers will be excluded from paying the activation fee.

Yes, this will be mandatory.

Can there be accounts without establishments?

Yes, this is possible.

Will owners be able to invite employees to have access to their establishment?

Yes, this will be possible.

Will customers have the ability to disable a tool they don’t need anymore

Yes, this is possible.

What happens to Cockpit?

We are sorry to inform you that we will discontinue the Cockpit service as of 23th December 2021. According to our terms and conditions, we hereby terminate the service. However, we’ll not leave you alone and offer to have a look to DISH.co. DISH offers you a wide range of different tools to support your business: Bring more guests to your website. Make sure there are no empty seats. Deliver orders efficiently with 0% commission. Gain the higher margins you want by getting the digital solutions you need with DISH.

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