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In the DISH POS app, you have the option to create links (URLs) that point to a website. After selecting the link, the app will automatically open the device's browser and display the website. This is useful, for example, if you use DISH reservation or want to view a frequently visited website quickly.

Creating an app link

Go to 'General' > 'App links' click "+ Add app link". Give the app link a recognisable 'name', enter the 'url' of the website, and click "Save" (bottom right).

Modifying an app link

To edit an app link, click the "pencil icon" for the app link you want to change. A screen to edit the app link will appear. Make the change and click "Save".

Deleting an app link

To remove an app link click the "trash can icon" next to the link you want to delete. Confirm the deletion by clicking 'ok'.

Note: Deleted app links cannot be restored.

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