How to assign price levels to my store?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to asset price levels to your store

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There are three ways you can start using the price levels:

1. By using a particular 'key' in the app

You can manually select a price level in the app. However, the 'key' required for this in the app must be correctly activated within the back office. To check this go to General and then to Stores. Click the pencil icon in front of the store name and then App functions.

A list of all the app's function keys will then appear. Find Select price level and make sure the check mark hidden is unchecked. Click Save. If the check mark is off, the function key will be present in the app.

2. Linking price level to facility

To do this, go to General and then Facilities. Unfold this by pressing the arrow and click the pencil icon behind the facility or table for which you want to select a separate price level. In this example, Party Room is chosen and at Price level, Anniversary Prices s selected.

If you want to attach a price level to a table, expand the facility by clicking the pencil icon behind the table number, and select the appropriate Price level. Lastly, click Save.

3. Linking a price level to a guest or debtor

Go to General and Customers. Click the pencil icon behind the concerning customer/debtor and at Price level select the correct price level for this customer/debtor. Click Save.

It is also possible to link a separate price level to a store, if you work with a multi store environment. Please contact the DISH POS Service desk for this.

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