How to manage tables on the table map?

This tutorial explains how you can work with table maps in the front office. Creating tables to be added to the table map needs to be done in the back-office and is explained in this article.

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We recommend that you only use the table map on your POS device and not on your handhelds. The operation on the handheld is similar to that of the POS app. However, the screen is substantially smaller than your POS device. Our advice is to use the block view on your handhelds.

In the table map, DISH POS works with a colour indicator. You can set in the back office the time related to these colors. When you open a table and the order starts, it will be displayed on the floor plan with the colour green. When the table is open at the preset time, the colour will first turn orange, then followed by red. The clock icon indicates the time that a table has not received a new order.

If the table has multiple courses, you can indicate which course the table is on. This is represented by the cloche icon. The first number stands for the current course, and the second number for the total number of courses. Using Request course you can request a dish from the kitchen.

Moving a table

When you hold down a table in the floor plan for a longer time, you can drag it to another table to move it.

You can also move the table to another floor plan (for example, if the guest wants to move from inside to the terrace) by dragging the table to the list icon (upper right corner), and choosing which floor plan you want to move to.

If there is already an order on the table, you will be asked to merge them. If you choose no then a second order will be created on the table. If you choose yes then both orders will be merged into one.

Switching between block view or table view

You can switch views in the top right of the orange bar. When you press the block icon, the standard block map is shown. With the 'location icon' you can switch to the table map without having to go back to the area overview.

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