How can I adjust the connection settings for my device?

In this article we show you, how to adjust the connection settings of your device

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In the top left corner, you will see 'hamburger menu'. If you click this, a list of features appears, including Settings. Here you can view and change general settings for your POS system.

Under the section Connection, technical data is listed:

  • Server hostname/IP address is the IP address of the server where DISH POS is running; you can check this with another app or ask our Service Desk
  • Server port number is the port number of the DISH POS-server; default 8080
  • Server path is the path to the DISH POS server; this is DISH POS by default
  • POS device name is the name of the device, for example 'handheld 1' or 'cash register 1'
  • POS ID number is the unique ID for your app, this cannot be changed

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