How to add and manage derived menus?

In this article, we show you how to add and manage derived menus

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A derived menu allows you to create a menu under the existing menu.

All changes in the normal menu will also automatically appear in the derived menu, but groups and/or products can be expanded or added separately. A derived menu is often used, for example in a webshop or in a multi-store environment.

To create a derived menu follow these steps:

  1. Go to + Add menu
  2. Give the derived menu a name
  3. Enable is derived menu
  4. Choose the Base menu and the Store where the derived menu should be placed
  • Below the menu you will find the derived menu. It has the same submenus as the parent menu. With a derived menu you can turn a submenu on or off and add other submenus that the parent map does not have. You can also turn products on or off and add them.
  • Use the trash can icon to turn off a submenu or product. The trash can icon will change into a + icon. If you want to turn it on again, you have to choose the + icon. This can also be done on at product level. To turn a product off, click the trash can icon. Click + icon to turn the article on again.
  • By using the + symbol behind a main category in the menu you can add an extra subgroup.
  • The derived card can be linked to a facility (area or table).

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