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FAQs - Weblisting Premium

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What happens if I already have business listings in some of the directories?

DISH Weblisting recognizes automatically if there is already an existent listing and asks the user in the case of Google and Facebook for permission to connect to it via login (see point “How do I set up the directories in DISH Weblisting?”). In the case of other portals DISH Weblisting updates the existing listing with the additional or updated information which its user has confirmed. This means that no existing information within the listing is lost or erased, such as pictures and reviews, but is updated or enhanced by the additional information which the user confirmed in DISH Weblisting.

How do I set up the directories in DISH Weblisting?

Once you completed the onboarding in DISH Weblisting and confirmed your data, DISH Weblisting pushes the data to all directories. 2 directories, Google and Facebook, require an extra step in order to publish the data. Please follow therefore the instructions under the tab “Directories” by clicking on the “connect”-button below the Google and the Facebook icon.

Google: In case your business is not listed yet in Google, this step is skipped. DISH Weblisting created automatically a new listing in Google with the data you have confirmed about your business.

In case your business was already listed on Google, DISH Weblisting asks you for authorization to connect to this listing. In order to do so, just click on the “connect” button and log in with your personal Google User in the window that opens up and confirm the Google listing which you want to be synchronized by DISH Weblisting. If you don´t see the listing you are trying connect in the overview, it might be managed by some other Google Account. In that case just follow the option to request management rights for that listing. Usually this permission is granted within a few days.

Facebook: Same is true for Facebook. Please click on the “Connect” button below the Facebook icon and follow the instructions: Log in with your personal Facebook user and click on the location you want to synchronize with DISH Weblisting. In case there is no location offered, you can create a new one.

Why is it important to manage listings of your business?

  • In Lock-down: When everyone is confined to stay at home you need to make sure that your offer for take away or for delivery is represented online in all the different places a customer might look for possibilities to order food. Don´t leave it up to chance: keep the information consistent and always up-to-date to leave a professional and trustworthy impression of your business
  • Nobody searches for the website or concrete name of a business but rather for a category or dish, which they would like to eat. Make sure your business listing is among those search results because it contains the attributes people are interested in. DISH Weblisting makes it easy for restaurant owners to set all the attributes that describe their business best. 
  • Rating results on social networks form the base of decision to buy or eat at one specific establishment in comparison to others. DISH Weblisting supports restaurant owners to create a good impression, by offering an easy way to keep track of all the incoming reviews and to react on them quickly and professionally.

What happens to my business listings once I cancel DISH Weblisting?

DISH Weblisting loses access to all your business listings the moment you cancel your DISH Weblisting subscription, which means that the business listings remain in the same status without DISH Weblisting having any influence of their content.

What does that mean for you? If you want to keep managing those listings, you will need to request ownership for them in each directory, apart from Facebook and Google because those are usually already managed by your personal user account. If not, please contact the business support of Facebook and Google.

Please note: Cancelling DISH Weblisting does not delete any business listing. In case you wish a business listing to be deleted you have to contact the support of the respective directory. Deletion of a Google Listing is described under „How do I delete a listing on Google?”

How can I answer reviews?

You can reach the Reviews Management in two ways:

  1. In the DISH Weblisting Dashboard you see a box with a summary of the latest reviews and a redirect button: “Manage Reviews”: By clicking on it you will be redirected directly to the Reviews Management screen.


  1. Just click in the navigation bar on “Reviews”

Here you can see a list of all reviews. Click on the reviews you want to answer, enter your reply and publish it by clicking on the “send reply” button.

Can I edit or delete replies or posts that I have published?

Yes, you can simply chose the content you have previously published, be it a reply on a review or a published post and edit or completely delete it. Just go to “posts“ and open the link in the box “published posts”. You will see a list of posts that you have published previously out of which you can chose the post you would like to change and resubmit.

How can I figure out which pictures are shown in my Google listing?

Google offers business owners but also customers and guest to post pictures about the establishment or their experience there. There is no way a business owner can influence or delete customer pictures but by posting own pictures of the location, the food or the decoration he can influence what appears first. Owner generated pictures are shown first so the more pictures you publish, the less visible pictures posted by customers become.

How do I delete a Google listing?

After cancelling your DISH Weblisting subscription, you can either mark the location as “permanently closed” in your Google My Business account or in case you cannot find the listing in your account search for it on Google Maps and suggest an edit, which is also called “permanently closed”. After that Google deletes the listing usually within a few days.

How can I handle negative reviews in my Google my Business account?

Google doesn´t allow to delete negative reviews. If a review is indeed inadequate you can mark it as such in Google Search or Google Maps. But what has proven helpful in case of criticism is to react on it in a timely manner, so that other guests who check your listi