Installing the DISH POS Lite app on your device - DISH POS Lite

Steps to install

To install the DISH POS Lite app on an Android device, follow these steps: 

  • Connect to the WiFi network that DISH POS Lite runs on
  • In the browser, type in the IP address of your server and type :8080/booq/webapp behind it. Load the page

You can find the IP address in one of the other DISH POS Lite apps via the 'Settings' button. If you have trouble finding it, or do you not have any other DISH POS-apps running, please call the DISH POS Lite Service Desk. They can provide you with the correct IP address.

  • If you receive a security message, continue by clicking "OK"
  • The app will now be downloaded
  • Click on the file that has been downloaded
  • Click "Install"
  • Select "Open"

The app is now installed.

🎓 Step-by-Step Instructions

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