Searching for an order on your device - DISH POS Lite


In the top left corner you will see the 'hamburger menu'. If you click this menu, a list of features appears, including 'Search order'.

Via 'Search Order' you can search for orders that are currently open as well as closed and completed orders. For example, you can see what employee has performed which actions, print a copy of the receipt, or reopen closed orders.

Several search filters are available: a date or date range, the status of the order (open, closed, or both), table number, user, customer name, payment method, or the total amount of the order.

When you click on an order, you get an overview of the receipt. By swiping left or right you can browse through the orders. The green circle with the three dots shows a menu with different options: 'Reopen order': to open an order that is still open.

  1. 'Print': to print the invoice or the suspense account with the receipt printer
  2. 'Print on...': to print the invoice with a printer of your choice

For closed orders you also have the option, via the green circle with the 3 dots to reopen the account, this option is called 'reopen order'. This is only possible on a day when the cash register is not yet set to Z (zero). This is also not possible for payments made via PIN.

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