Adjusting product details in the list view - DISH POS Lite

View and adjust products

You can change the name, price, option price, VAT or product order of a product through the "Product overview" screen.

  • Under 'Articles', click "Products".
  • Click once on the "Name" of the product to adjust it if needed.
  • The TAB key and the arrow keys enables you to quickly jump to the next product.
  • Click once on "price" to adjust it. Use the TAB key or Arrow key to jump to the next adjustable field, like option price, VAT or product order.
You can change the VAT by using the drop-down option or enter a number to select one of the set VAT options.
  • Use the "Filter" button to display only the items you want to adjust. For example, main dishes or items with a low VAT rate. e.g. Clicking "Apply filters" applies the filter. Now, the list only shows items that are linked to the low VAT rate.
  • The button "Columns" allows you to hide fields that you do not need.

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