An overview of the screen features for an open table - DISH POS Lite


In the app, there are features which are available when you press a button down for a longer time (the so-called long press).

  • Below the order receipt you will see the numeric keypad and the most common payment methods. By default three payment methods can be displayed. You can also enter the amount received and the receipt will show the amount returned
  • When a product is confirmed or registered, it will be light grey in colour on the receipt. You can hit the item again, by briefly pressing the item and tapping "more". This allows you to easily repeat a previous order. You can also select multiple items on which you want to give a discount via the 'discount' feature. Or delete multiple items. These functions are explained in this tutorial.

If you are not authorised to do so, an entry screen where the authorised person must enter a manager code.

  • If the article is printed in black and bold, the article has not yet been confirmed
  • When you tap 'total amount' underneath the order, the order receipt will be closed. When you press longer, you will enter the payment screen
  • When you want to extend the function buttons, you swipe the functions tab from bottom to top

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