Adding a new product group - DISH POS Lite

Creating and modifying product groups

Product groups define the default settings of a product within the DISH POS system. When you create a product and link it to that product group, these default settings are automatically adopted.

Create a product group

To add an article group, go to 'Articles > product groups'. Press "+Add product group" and complete the following fields:

  • Parent product group: choose a logical group to keep the structure easy to understand
  • Turnover group is important for reporting, so choose the correct turnover group or create a new one if needed
  • VAT rate
  • Course: choose the course in relation to the order on the production ticket or on the kitchen screen
  • Production attributes: select the correct printer or kitchen screen where the product is to be produced

Click "Save" to save the created group.

Changing an product group

To edit a product group, go to 'Articles > Product groups'. There you find the group in which you want to change something. By clicking the "pencil icon" next to the product group, you will be taken to the screen where you can change the settings. For example, the production attributes, name or VAT rate. Click "Save" at the bottom right to save any changes you made.

After you have modified the product group, all products linked to that product group will be automatically modified.

Deleting a product group

To delete a product group, click the "Trash can icon" next to the product group. Confirm the deletion by pressing "OK". Deleted products groups cannot be restored. Any products linked to this article group will therefore have to be linked to another article group.

If you look up a product that was linked to the product group you just deleted, you will see that the product group, department and production attributes are also deleted.

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