Managing tables on your device - DISH POS Lite


When you choose a table, it will open. By pressing a table for a longer time (long press) more features will become visible:

  • For handheld, the option 'Orders' gives the option to select items to split in the order; in the fixed cash register, this feature just opens the table
  • 'New order' opens a new order on the same table. There is no limit to the number of orders per table in DISH POS-Lite
  • 'Payment' takes you to the checkout screen and to the right order. If you choose cash, for example, you have to check the box at the top. You can avoid this by pressing the payment button longer
  • 'Move order' you can move the order to another table. This is explained in detail here
  • 'Merge orders' allows you to merge orders from multiple tables
  • 'Reprint receipt' displays the latest receipts for the relevant table and allows you to print a copy on a printer of your choice
  • 'Table serviced' allows you to indicate that the table has been visited by the service staff, after which the colouring/time will be reset to zero
  • 'Next course' you can indicate which course the table is located, if this function is set. The course is also shown in the table overview

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