Adding a product and sending the changes to the front office - DISH POS Lite

You discover in this tutorial how to add a new product to the product range and then to a specific menu.

Step by step list

Add product to product range
  1. Go to Articles > Products.
  2. At the top right, click + Add Product
  3. Enter the details of the article, see also Product details , then save.

Add item to menu
  1. Go to Menus and select the appropriate menu to which the product should be added.
  2. First determine the intended submenu for the new product via the drop-down icons. For example, you place a new dessert in food > desserts. Now drag the new product from the right column into the middle column so that it is added to the menu.

Send change to restaurant

Before the changes take effect, you will have to transmit the changes to the location.

  1. Go to General > General
  2. Click Transmit at the top right.

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