Managing tables in the block view - DISH POS Lite


If you are not using a table map, you will get the block view by default. Tables will change colour when they are open longer than the predefined time. The 'clock icon' indicates the time that a table has not received a new order.

If the table has multiple courses, you can specify which course the table is on. This is represented by the 'cloche icon'. The first number represents the current course, and the second number represents the total number of courses. The 'receipt icon' indicates how many orders are active. If multiple orders are active, the software will ask which one you want to open.

When you do a long press on an occupied table, you get several options:

  • Go to the order overview
  • Add a new order
  • Pay
  • Move the table
  • Merge tables
  • Reprint an old receipt
  • Indicate that you have visited a table
  • Request a course

When you long press an empty table, you get two options:

  • Start a new order
  • Reprint an old receipt from this table

These features are explained in Table functions.

You can display open orders by clicking 'Open orders' in the blue bar or by swiping to the right. By default, all orders are displayed in the area in which you select the feature.

When you go back to the overview of the areas, you will see all the orders that are open.

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