Setting up a production order - DISH POS Lite

Setting the production follow order

Products are displayed on your production ticket or kitchen screen based on the product code. By setting a unique product order in the back office, you can determine the follow order.

  • Go to 'Articles > Artikel' and on the far right you will see "Production Order"
  • To organise it you can uncheck all the columns you don't need at the top under 'Columns'. Uncheck everything except "Production order"
  • If necessary set a filter so that you only see the articles you want to change
  • If you enter a sequence number, for example 100, all articles with this number will appear together on the work order or kitchen screen. An article with a number below 100 will be printed above articles with the number 100

For example, you would give all meat products the production order 100, all fish dishes 200 and all salads 300. On the production ticket or on the production screen, the order would then be meat, fish, salads.

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