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General questions

I only have a small HoReCa business, is DISH POS Lite suitable for me?

Yes, DISH POS Lite is built for smaller horeca businesses and over the counter service establishments. Our hardware and feature set is selected and designed to serve the needs of this target market. Please contact us to find out which DISH POS solution fits best to your establishment.

Is DISH POS Lite also working in the cloud?

DISH POS Lite is a cloud based system, with an unique local set up that can be used as storage concept. Due to this set up, you have the benefits from the cloud that are combined with the power and security of the local integrated mini-server.

What is the difference between DISH POS and DISH POS Lite?

DISH POS LITE is just like DISH POS a user-friendly cloud-based POS system for restaurant owners, helping our customers to simplify their operations and boost efficiency.

The key differences between the two POS systems is:

  1. DISH POS requires the support of a professional consultant to be installed as it consists out of an extensive hardware and software package. Whereas DISH POS Lite can be installed by the customer itself, with remote support available.
  2. DISH POS serves small and large establishments with an extensive range of hardware add-ons and features. DISH POS Lite is especially developed for the small over-the-counter establishment. Affordable, fast to install and equipped with all necessary features to run your business.


What is the DISH POS Lite licensing model like? / How does the investment looks like?

The license model consists of a fixed and a flexible component. The hardware required to operate the system is purchased by the user. The user is therefore also the owner of this hardware. In addition, the software is offered in the form of a license model.

Hardware add-ons are offered with a one-time fee (e.g. cash drawer) and software add-ons (e.g. QR ordering) are offered with a license model with a duration of 12 months.


 Can I switch from DISH POS Lite to DISH POS?

Absolutely, for example when business goes well, and you are out growing your DISH POS Lite system you can easily upgrade to a DISH POS. The interface and operating are the same, meaning you and your team need no further training and can focus on what you do best, serve your customers!


How do I setup my DISH POS Lite?

DISH POS Lite is an easy to install cloud-based POS system for small restaurant owners. You can setup your system completely by yourself. Instructions are provided within the box, on the DISH Support page, and remote support is available.


What is the difference between a front office and a Backoffice?

The Backoffice is the place where you setup your system and make the adjustments. So if you want to add a product, modify a price, look into reports, you go to your DISH Backoffice.

Can I change the language of the POS system?

Yes, you can change the language of the system of the user/waiter. This is done in the back office and changing the language settings of your browser.

Do I need internet access?

No, you don’t need internet access to work on the DISH POS app. However, you do need internet access to make changes to the system (adding new products). For all the add-on software(s) - QR ordering license, Order2Pos or Order Aggregator –  a WIRED internet connection is required to connect to the DISH POS Lite screen. 

What if I have no internet connection. Can I still work?

If you lose connection with your internet provider, you can still work. Due to the unique setup with the integrated mini-server in the DISH POS Lite screen, you can still manage transactions. The moment the internet connection with the provider is restored, data will be synced with your Backoffice again.

Can I connect the system by Wi-Fi?

Yes, however it is recommended if possible, to use a cable connection for stability. The POS screen and the EFT/PIN device can be connected to your local Wi-Fi.

Can I use DISH POS without QR-ordering?

Yes, you can use DISH POS Lite without QR-ordering. This gives you all the functions of the DISH POS Lite at your disposal. The POS works as a fully-fledged solution, but without using the extensive self-service opportunities of QR-ordering.

Can one POS have multiple locations?

No, DISH POS Lite is in its current setup limited to one location.

Can I have multiple DISH POS Lite solutions?

Yes, you can buy multiple DISH POS Lite systems. However, keep in mind that they operate independently from each other and cannot be connected.

Do I have access to customer support if needed?

DISH POS Lite is an easy to install cloud-based POS system for small restaurant owners. You can setup your system completely by yourself. Instructions are provided within the box and remote support is available via +33 809 36 09 09 or via



Which hardware can I choose?

There is a predefined list with hardware basic package, but we have add-ons available. The basic package exists out of a screen and printer.

What hardware add-ons are available for DISH POS Lite?

A cash drawer and payment terminal can be purchased as hardware add-ons.

Can I add a handheld to my DISH POS Lite solution?

No, currently DISH POS Lite does not offer a handheld solution.

Can I connect the cash drawer directly to the POS screen?

No, you must connect the drawer to the printer.

Can I add additional printers?

No, DISH POS Lite is in its current setup limited to one printer only.


Back Office

How do I create products, change prices or set menus?

In the DISH Backoffice, the management environment of your POS system, you can set all the settings to your liking. Here you determine the product assortment, create tables or build menus. Not sure how to make a certain change? The tutorial environment, DISH POS Lite Tutorials, explains how it works with over 150 videos.

Is it possible to create sales reports?

The management dashboard in the Back Office gives you real-time sales figures to see how your busines